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Please note that NPW do not routinely print training manuals for delegates, all training manuals will be available electronically during the training. Delegates from SLA schools who wish to have access to a hard copy are advised to download & print the manual from our website in advance of the training. Delegates from non-SLA schools who are paying for training at the per delegate rate are advised to speak to our helpdesk (020 8249 6900 - option 2 for Education ICT, option 2 for SIMS support) to arrange for a hard copy of the manual to be made available at the training.

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SIMS Behaviour Management (all phases)
Running: On 17 October 2017 from 13:15 to 16:00
Spaces Available: There are 8 places available.
Location: NPW Training Room 5
Course Organiser: Christopher Fagan
Fees: SLA Non-subscriber Fee: £105
SLA Standard Level Subscriber Fee: £0
SLA Comprehensive Level Subscriber Fee: £0
Required Documents: The SIMS.net Behaviour Management manual for this course will be available electronically. If you prefer to work with a hard copy you will need to print this off from the NPW website and bring it with you to the training session.

NOTE: This course was originally scheduled to take place on the 12/10/17 but will now take place on Tuesday 17th October at 13:15

Aimed at:

Staff with responsibility for managing pupil behaviour incidents & achievements in SIMS.net together with administrative staff involved in recording such data. In addition, SLT staff may find the course useful to get an overview of the functionality available in SIMS.net to assist with the planning of an effective behaviour management strategy.

Course Outline:

The course will cover all the routines for configuring and recording pupil behaviour incidents and achievements in SIMS .net. The last 30min of the course will focus on configuring and recording detentions and report cards in SIMS.net, this will be optional as it may not be relevant for all schools.

The Course consists of:

  • An overview of the behaviour management system in SIMS.net
  • Configuring the SIMS.net homepage to display a summary of Behaviour/Achievement
  • Setting up the behaviour management system for your school & customising lookups
  • Adding individual Behaviour/Achievement incidents
  • Adding multi pupil incidents
  • Entering incidents via the register and teacher shortcuts
  • Viewing data in SIMS Discover
  • Setting up and recording Detentions (optional)
  • Using Report Cards in SIMS.net (optional)

Knowledge Required:

Knowledge of core SIMS.net functionality will be expected.

Additional Information:

There are separate SIMS.net reporting courses available that detail how SIMS reports, such as behaviour and achievement reports, can be built.

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