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Please note that NPW do not routinely print training manuals for delegates, all training manuals will be available electronically during the training. Delegates from SLA schools who wish to have access to a hard copy are advised to download & print the manual from our website in advance of the training. Delegates from non-SLA schools who are paying for training at the per delegate rate are advised to speak to our helpdesk (020 8249 6900 - option 2 for Education ICT, option 2 for SIMS support) to arrange for a hard copy of the manual to be made available at the training.

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Assessment Manager - Data Analysis (all phases)
This course has been cancelled.
Running: *** CANCELLED *** On 14 October 2017 from 09:15 to 12:00
Spaces Available: *** CANCELLED *** There are 11 places available.
Location: See Course Details
Course Organiser: Delakshi Nadanasivam
Fees: SLA Non-subscriber Fee: £105
SLA Standard Level Subscriber Fee: £0
SLA Comprehensive Level Subscriber Fee: £0
Required Documents: Assessment Mgr - Tracking Grids
Please print this document from the NPW website if you wish to have a paper copy to use during the course. (Online access will be available in the training session).


Assessment Coordinators or users who need to analyse performance. A knowledge of Assessment Manager is essential.


Data collected in Assessment Manager can be used is many different ways to assist teachers, subject leaders, SMT and governors when planning. This course will show how to exploit this data quite easily in order to derive the maximum benefit.


  • Using Group Filters in a Marksheet
  • Using Tracking Grids
  • Groups Analysis Grids
  • Result Set Analysis Grids
  • Using Progression Lines
  • Creating a Value Added Line
  • Using Trend Lines
This course has been cancelled.

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